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Welcome to the Conlangtionary!

The dictionary for all conlangs in the world!

What? But how is it going to work?Edit

Yes, a dictionary! Like this. Just create an article with the word you want IN YOUR CONLANG. Then, put translations to it - please consider putting as many as you can, specially english - save and categorize.

You can categorize by putting the name of the conlang, plus language. It will work like that:

[[Category:Suvinian language]]

You can also create external links to your language's page, and even some information about it here.

And if someone already created a language with that word?Edit

You can simply add another section with your language's word and its meaning. Please, NEVER delete the work of someone. Just proceed as the instructions and we can all have fun learning more about conlangs.

Got started?

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