1. (English) I
2. (Polish) ja 3. (Portuguese) eu


Singular Dual Trial Quadral Plural
Absolutive ıнqтвх ıнqтδλвх ıнqтхλвх ıнqтсλвх ıнqтмλвх
Ergative ıнqтгх ıнqтδλгх ıнqтхλгх ıнqтсλгх ıнqтмλгх
Postpositional ıнqтткрт ıнqтδλткрт ıнqтхλткрт ıнqтсλткрт ıнqтмλткрт
Likeative ıнqтмaр ıнqтδλмaр ıнqтхλмaр ıнqтсλмaр ıнqтмλмaр
Dateative ıнqткфрll ıнqтδλкфрll ıнqтхλкфрll ıнqтсλкфрll ıнqтмλкфрll
Destructeative ıнqтмнэх ıнqтδλмнэх ıнqтхλмнэх ıнqтсλмнэх ıнqтмλмнэх

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